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NFCA’s Family Caregiver Forum

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Caring for the Caregivers

One of the most devastating side affects of caregiving is the loneliness and isolation.  If you cannot get away to participate in a local support group, join a few online forums that focus on caregiving.  This kind of resource did not even exist ten years ago.  Today it is a real lifesaver.

NFCA’s Family Caregiver Forum is a place where all family caregivers can post questions, receive support and communicate with others. 4004 users are registered which means a lot of people are discussing caregiving issues and sharing caregiving tips.

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Get the Help You Need

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.  I recommend that you type in the specific topic that concerns you in the Search box.  This will take you directly to the relevant discussion and will spare you irrelevant reading.  Caregivers have no time to waste.

Input from fellow caregivers is every bit as valuable as advice from a doctor.  It is just different.  Don’t bother with the bookstore. Most books seem out of date by the time they are in print.

There is a huge body of knowledge in the experience of caregivers.  Make use of the access social media provides.  You will be amazed at how useful the advice of others in the same situation can be.

A single foray into an online caregiver forum will open up a world of support.  You are not alone.

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