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Sex Positions for Seniors

There are many reasons for seniors to continue having sex until the end of their lives. You can check out ElderAuthority’s Senior Sex Top 10 Benefits to get motivated. Some adjustments may need to be made, but if you want to start or keep having sex you just go ahead and Do It.

Adjust to Physical Changes

The human body goes through many changes as it begins to age with one of the drawbacks being that both women and men can experience a slow-down in their sexual drive.  The primary cause of sexual slowdown is disease, and the elderly are likely to have more physical ailments as they age.

The changes of normal aging should not be a reason to end your sex life.  The physical changes in elderly women include dryness of the vagina, less elasticity of the labia, orgasm may become painful due to uterine contractions and the clitoris can become very sensitive. The physical changes in men include slowing down during erection, delays in erection, slower orgasms and loss of firmness of the penis after ejaculation.

If you are normally healthy for your age, you may actually find that you have more fun with sex in your Golden Years than you did in your steamy youth.  See Why Senior Sex Partners Have More Fun on this site.

Experiment with New Positions

Start to experiment with positions and see which one best suits your particular sexual or physical needs. One of the best positions for those with arthritis, a physical condition, a colostomy bag or any other condition is called “the spoon” position. This is where both partners lie on their sides, the woman with her back to the man. The reason that this is so popular with people is because of the intimacy.

If this does not suit you due to a physical condition or any other reason, then try the “doggy position”. This is when you both kneel down and the man enters the vagina from behind. This position is a particular favorite because it reduces stress on the back and penetration is deeper for the woman.

This Public Service Announcement demonstrates variety of senior sex positions while urging safe sex with condoms.  If these public-spirited folks can give it a try, so can you.

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